Ahhh the weather.  For some people, it’s the fall-back, the last desperate gasp before a conversation falls off the precipice of blandness, but me, I love talking about it.  That probably says more about me than I should be admitting, so let me clarify – I’m not some kind of meteorology fiend by any means.  I just reckon the weather is not only one of the biggest factors in deciding what I’m going to do whenever I have spare time, it’s the most pervasive example of natural phenomena that we see on a day to day basis.  So why wouldn’t you talk about it?

One thing that spins me out is seeing weather reports where they tell you the actual temperature, then tell you what temperature that feels like.  I never could figure out what that means – is there some dude who starts in the morning at the actual temperature then stands outside yelling up through the window “Yeh feels a little colder.  Hotter.  Colder.” or what?  Turns out (surprise surprise) I was wrong.

The Weatherzone website has this explanation for what the “feels like” number means.  Basically, they adjust the temperature for wind chill and humidity factors, which, to be honest, feels like BS to me.