Ever notice how the best music grows on you over a long period?

I’ve been listening to El-P’s album from last year, I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, a bit lately and I gotta say, it’s up there with the best things I’ve heard in the last five years.  I bumped it when I first picked it up and thought it was nice, El’s beats are about as good as you can get if you like that sort of thing, and the lyrics are masterful.  Personally I’m a big fan of his rhyme schemes as well, although from speaking to other people it seems like you have to get past the fact that he’s kinda yelling most of the time (still, the people complaining about that are the same people that bump MOP so go figure).

Anyway, it might be a cliche, but this album really transcends hip hop, makes you think and gets your head nodding at the same time.