Anyone forced into watching TV at the moment would have seen the ANZ iPhone ads, and if you were really pushing it you might have seen the ads for the re-launch of Mother energy drink.  These ads left me scratching my head.  Check ’em out:

If you don’t see the connection between those two ads, stop reading this site now and go read the Herald-Sun, or watch Battle of the Choirs or something.

Do the brains (and by “brains” I mean idiots) behind the casting for these ads really think people are that stupid they won’t notice it’s the same guy, talking as though he represents both companies?  So you’re trying to tell me that not only is this dude a mild mannered Apple trend jocking Mac-guy fashion clone who works for ANZ, hes also a special forces solder trained to kill the evil scientists behind those original, horrible Mother (now with more horrible, incidentally).  TV land has always perplexed me but I seriously hope people aren’t that mind-numbed when they get home from a hard days work to zone out in front of the TV that they don’t notice, and even worse, don’t get outraged!

OK so maybe it’s not worth getting outraged over, but it sure is an example of how marketing departments can insult their customers’ intelligence, whether knowingly or through failing to do their research.  Of course we all know this guy doesn’t really work for your company but does it have to be so glaringly obvious?