Being invisible would be pretty sweet. Assuming it was a temporary, controllable state, the kind of ridiculous antics you could get up to are pretty much limitless. All of which H.G. Wells was well on top of more than a hundred years ago when he wrote The Invisible Man. Unfortunately for the hard-to-see hero of that classic, his invisibility was irreversible, which eventually drove him completely loopy.

For those keen on some more temporary invisibility skills, help is now at hand. Thanks to some kind of scientific wizardry a couple of scientists have come up with materials that will bend light in the opposite direction it normally would when entering a material. So full cloaks of invisibility must only be a few years away!

As awesome as this sounds, something tells me that cloaks of invisibility would only be really cool if it was just me who had one. There’s no fun in everyone being invisible.