Ahhh the days before product placement. As a child of the 80s, there were tonnes of sweet cartoons to choose from. Even when they had product tie-ins (see Transformers) they were still pretty damn sick. Ulysses 31 was special though – the local fish and chip shop’s chicken schnitzel burger to most cartoons’ McChicken – 10 times better than something pretty nice to start with. Being a big fan of Greek and Roman mythology as well as sci-fi space goodness, this was the king of cartoons.

The basic deal was transplanting Homer‘s Odyssey in the 31st century. Sounding awesome yet? Somehow, a crew of French and Japanese animators and writers (or at least their production companies) got together and created a combination of European and Japanese art with one of the greatest stories ever told as inspiration. Not sure how they could possibly screw it up, and they didn’t.

Within my social circles at least, this show is crazy slept on, for reasons unknown. Most of the series is available on YouTube, and for big time nostalgia buffs it’s probably worth picking up the box set on dvd.