I was cruising in the hoopty on Saturday night, popped the tape I was listening to and heard some decent-sounding modern RnB on the radio. That thing is locked to PBS FM – the Melbourne community radio INSTITUTION that introduced me to basically every style of music that I love – but lately on Saturday evenings I thought they’d been catering to a more international music nerd market, with latin/reggaeton stuff stuff, which doesn’t particularly ring my bells. Some of the shows are definitely worth checking though – from the venerable Chantdown Babylon through to Soulgroove66.

Anyways, after a minute or two I heard a familiar voice – DJ C, a stalwart of the RnB scene from years ago. This dude used to play on PBS, and also play out at innumerable nights I’d be drinking and generally party-rocking at. Nice to hear him getting a gig in a line-up that the station seems to take pretty seriously. Digging around the net, I’m kinda disappointed to see dude hasn’t moved on much from the super-fake Melbourne RnB scene, but nevertheless much respect to a bloke who was a true pioneer back in the days.