Long favoured by cartoon characters everywhere, it seems the pie in the face also has a long and venerable tradition as a political statement. Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, had a brush with danger in Budapest while delivering a talk to uni students, when this kid started lobbing eggs at him. Turns out that dudes affiliated with Microsoft have had similar experiences before, with Bill Gates having 4 delicious cream tarts mashed into his face by a crew of crazy “entarteurs” in Belgium. Sweet!

These pie-throwing bandits are led by one of the coolest guys in the universe, Noel Godin. According to Robert Chalmers’ article in The Observer Magazine – Life, Noelis widely feared in France and Belgium where, under the synonym of Georges Le Gloupier, he has taken to assaulting prestigious thinkers, media figures and politicians with cream cakes.” He has proclaimed we want to be freebooters, pirates with pies;” which while sounding like something Homer Simpson would say, definitely stirs something deep inside my heart (possibly a yearning for lemon meringue but whatever). All I can say is, big ups to the Raptorial Hall of Fame for keeping the legend alive, because there’s definitely not enough on the English language Internet about it.

As with all true visionaries, there are people worldwide biting this dude’s style. In Canada there’s a crew called the entartistes, that, well, throw pies at famous people. Awesome idea guys…pity it’s a shameless rip of something that’s already been done. Still, I shouldn’t complain – more people copping pies to the face cannot be a bad thing.