A few years ago I was having a conversation with The Kid about social awareness. We were comparing our abilities with regards to monitoring our surroundings while at the same time functioning normally – so stuff like, the ability to listen to multiple conversations around you while simultaneously maintaining a conversation with another person. Another example would be walking into a room and processing who is there and building a profile of who they are and what their relationships with other people based on body language, personal style and appearance.

We’re both pretty perceptive people, but we sure aren’t even close to this invention from Microsoft called The Guardian, described in a report from Slashdot. Seems like it’s definitely more in concept phase, but the way the article describes it is as follows:

In addition to protecting you from possibly diseased people, by detecting body temperatures, the Guardian Angel’s ‘monitoring component can take note of the number of conversations occurring in a room (and more specifically, a breakdown of the types of people in the room accompanied by a warning for dangerous persons, based on sex offender registration, FBI most wanted, etc.).’

I reckon this is straight out of a cyberpunk novel – I can imagine a future of people walking around with this kind of technology implanted in their heads, and having to update scrambling systems every day to avoid new acquaintances getting an unfavourable “read” on us.