Ever remember a snippet of a song that you heard years ago, that just takes you back? One that you feel like you could have listened to for hours, if you had ever known what the hell it was? I got a tonne – and I’ve slowly been discovering what they are ever since the Internet made otherwise completely obscure tracks available.

Today I was thinking about an old mix tape I had pause-buttoned off Steppin To Tha AM (old school Melbourne hip hop show that is criminally slept on around the Internets). There was this track that had the same sample as that on Kurious Jorge’s classic “I’m Kurious”, but flipped better, with a haunting flute melody and a smoother baseline. Even today I could recite the first four bars of that track, but because it cut out after those first bars (and I hadn’t heard it for 15 years or more) I never found out who wrote it. I did some investigation and discovered it’s a tune by Paris from Sleeping With The Enemy, called The Days of Old.

Turns out the track is as sick as I remember it – production tops the Kurious version and the lyrics are way out in front. I love it when this happens.