I spotted this article in COSMOS magazine the other day about a species of fish called the Amazon molly. The entire species consists only of females, and scientists studying their DNA have estimated that the fish has survived without sexual reproduction for up to 100,000 years. This is kinda bugged out, because usually a species that reproduces in this way dies out pretty damn quick thanks to mutations.

The fish produce eggs that have 100% of the genetic material they need, but for some reason they still need a kind of jump-start from sperm. Because it’s irrelevant what genetic material is contained in that sperm, they can get it from, basically, well, anywhere. Luckily for them they have a set of seductive tools at their disposal that help them get the sperm they need.

This all sounds vaguely like the Amazons (amazing coincidence that they share the same name eh?), a race of warrior females described by several Ancient Greeks, who had their right breasts removed in order to wield bows more effectively. The main difference that I can see (apart from the obvious human-fish comparison) is that the fish give birth to only females, whereas the Amazons would occasionally give birth to males who they would then either kill, use as slaves, or use as walking sperm-banks.