Remember the Dove “campaign for real beauty” from a few years ago? It’s been the subject of a fair bit of discussion, and supposedly 8 out of 10 males in the Canadian 28-45 age demographic find the television ads offensive. To me this is straight crazy – first of all, that there is anything groundbreaking about putting “average looking” people on an ad (don’t get me started about how they define “real” women) highlights something really wrong with advertising. Are these people’s heads so far up their celebrity-worshipping asses that this seems innovative? Secondly, the fact that these 80% of Canadian males are finding the ads “offensive”. The same demographic that wouldn’t blink an eye at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is too sensitive for some pictures of fat women? Wow.

Anyway, this post is actually not about that type of real woman. I noticed this article in Wired the other day about the first ever adult exhibition in Japan (NSFW link here). There are some pics on there of these incredibly life-like sex dolls, made by a company called 4Woods (ha, ha – by the way, that link is NSFW too). I’m blown away by how realistic these things are, and it reminds of a wacky French flick I caught on SBS a few years ago called Monique. The reviews of Monique are pretty bad, but personally I kind of enjoyed it. It’s just so ridiculously stupid and the guy in it plays the complete idiot so well. Basically it’s about this bloke who gets bored of marriage and life, has a quasi-mid-life crisis, and winds up dating a sex doll. An awesomely realistic sex doll, much like those Japanese creations.

Lars and the Real Girl is a more recent, US attempt at a movie about a dude and his plastic woman. And really, there should be more of these flicks – it’s a goldmine of laughs in my opinion. I’ve never actually met anyone who owns or has had much to do with a sex doll, not even just those crappy blow up ones you see at office parties (apparently), so I’m wondering what the market is for them. I mean they’re not cheap – those Japanese ones are around AUS$6,500 a pop, so it’s something you’d really want to think long and hard about before shelling out for. Definitely not something you’d see a lot of desperate teenagers stashing under their beds for those long lonely nights.

Having said all that, I’m not intrigued enough about rubber women to actually click on any of the links that pop up when you type related words into a search engine, mainly because I’m not sure if my firewall could handle the barrage of spyware and trojans that would undoubtedly ensue. Suffice to say it seems like there are plenty of options out there should one want to conduct further “research”.