I really struggled with the title for this post. On one hand, John So’s name makes it a complete no-brainer to make some kind of pun with. On the other, it’s guaranteed to be a lame, unoriginal pun. Clearly, I wound up going for the non-pun option, while still keeping it lame.

I’m talking about this article. Now I have to admit in the past I’ve had a fairly positive attitude about John, he sure looks cuddly and lovable when you see him around. Who cares if everyone struggles to understand what the hell he’s saying. But honestly, get this guy out of “power”. Whatever the rest of the council are like, if they are throwing votes of no confidence at him then there’s something wrong. That’s right, $25 million in cash wrong.

Something about him reminds me of those populist South American leaders, who come to power on the back of their personality (something which So undeniably has despite his issues with communication) and then proceed to blow massive amounts of cash on everything until it all comes crumbling down around them. I’m talking Hugo Chavez style, minus the sweet sweet oil revenues to keep it all floating.

If he seriously didn’t know that advertising costs money, then he’s incompetent. If he’s lying…well, you do the math. Either way, he’s gotta go.